Matt Wrenn

“Derrek represented the contractor we were working with on several projects. He could always be relied upon to provide accurate and up to date data for project support. When dealing with MOC he would always get involved and facilitate the required actions in as expeditious a manor possible.”

H. Dean Dalton

“I first met Derrek about 1997 on a commercial dive project. Derrek was the Dive Supervisor and I reported directly to him. We met again around 1999 on another dive project and we worked together again in 2000, 2001 on the Gulfstream Natural Gas Pipeline project. Since then I have seen Derrek rise in his career from Supervisor to Project Manager due to his diligence and perseverance.”

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Darren Twiner

“Mr. Offutt is very professional and detailed oriented with all the Projects Diving & ROV that we worked together on. It was a pleasure to work with him and I look forward to one day working with Mr. Offutt again.”