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International Subsea Consulting offers the best Subsea Solution services in the region. We strive to ensure that our customers experience the highest level of satisfaction. No matter what your requirements might be, you can rest assured that we will exceed them. We offer the following services to our valued customers.

Living Shoreline and Hillsides

Erosion can take a toll on your property. If you live near the shore, your property is prone to erosion. There is always a risk of gradual shoreline retreat, collapsing banks, fallen trees, and barren vegetation. This is where we come into place. We offer shoreline and hillside services to help restore your property’s shoreline to its natural condition.

Bank Stabilization and Installation

Erosion Solutions manufactures and distributes a suite of patented, bioengineered erosion control solutions that are stable, long-lasting and compliant with all BMP’s of “Living Shoreline” erosion control systems. ISC uses environmentally-focused methodology that gets high marks from engineers and environmentalists alike and is a cost-efficient and long-lasting solution to shoreline & hillside erosion.

Bank Erosion Products

Erosion Solutions™ offers a suite of innovative, patented, bioengineered erosion control solutions that arrests shoreline and hillside erosion immediately, while providing a foundation for vegetative restoration. ISC uses high density knitted polyethylene mesh that allows you to plant directly through or sod over without losing its structural integrity, unlike traditional woven polypropylene mesh systems.

Hand Dredging Maintenance

International Subsea Consulting has an advanced fleet of homeowner and marina dredging equipment. We provide the best hand dredging maintenance services in the region. Whether you require dredging maintenance or have a new marine project, our experienced operators use the latest equipment to ensure that the seabed is cleared. We use software to get a detailed view of the existing conditions of the dredge location. Our team uses hydraulic-powered dredge grapples to take care of the dredging project.

Inspection Services

Our valued customers rely on our inspection services to monitor their mitigation projects. We document all the plant control measures in place and plant installations to ensure compliance. Our inspection services include photo documentation and extensively written reports.

Project Management

International Subsea Consulting also provides project management consultancy to ensure that your project utilizes leadership, discipline, and different processes to achieve its full potential. Whether you have issues with the schedule, scope, or budget, we will help you complete the project on time. We will get your project on track in no time.

Onsite Demolition

With our onsite demolition, we can make sure all unused equipment is removed from your property or shorelines. We help remove boats, homes, mobile homes and more.

Land Clearing

International Subsea Consulting offers comprehensive land clearing services that includes tree removal, under brushing, stump grinding, demolition and debris cleanup, site preparation, grading, leveling, trenching and more. We will make sure that your land is ready for your next project.

Forestry Mulching

Our forestry mulching service uses a machine to cut, grind and clear vegetation from residential and commercial properties. This process helps add nutrients to the existing soil by leaving organic materials behind. This service makes sure that your vegetation is shredded and leaves no big piles of debris behind that needs to be removed.

Hot Shot Hauling Services

International Subsea Consulting Hotshot delivery is a specific type of expedited shipping that is designed to service the most urgent and time critical shipments. Depending on the cargo and distance, we will either assign a driver and truck exclusively to your shipment.

Our skilled and highly trained operators will drive overnight and to remote locations in any conditions, to get your Hotshot delivery where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.

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